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Introducing the future of Charcoal Rotisserie cooking

Semak introduce our premium range of Charcoal Rotisseries designed to roast juicy succulent chicken, lamb, pork & beef with that unmistakable smokey charcoal flavour. Semak Charcoal Machines are a new generation of Rotisseries a leap in the design and function of earlier machines.

Key Features

  • 2 Large Capacity Cooking Tiers
  • Heat Resistant Fire Brick Cooking Pit
  • Ideal for Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Seafood and more
28 Birds Per Tier
16 End / 56 Middle

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Available with two or three cooking tiers, our Charcoal Rotisseries produce roast meats with a distinct smokey aroma and taste. Semak Charcoal Rotisseries retain the maximum amount of juices with a crispy delicious texture.

The Fire Pit sets this machine apart with replaceable high heat refractory bricks. The high heat storage capacity of the refractory fire brick pit maximises the efficiency of the charcoal, drastically reducing the fuel load of the Rotisserie and puts profit into your business.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia, our Charcoal Chicken Rotisseries are renowned for their quality finishing and durability, setting the standard of Charcoal Rotisserie cooking and grilling.

Why Semak?

Heat Resistant Fire Brick Cooking Pit

The refractory fire brick pit has a high heat capacity which maximises the efficiency of the charcoal and radiates high amounts of heat evenly over the rotisserie.

Heat Resistant Fire Brick Cooking Pit

Optional Flat & Ribbed Grill Plates

The Flat & Ribbed Grill Plate accessories allow you to cook a variety of meats, seafood & vegetables in addition to your Rotisserie Meats.

Cook Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Fish, Seafood and more on the easy clean Flat Plate.

Use the Ribbed Plate to Char Grill succulent Steak, Burgers, Ribs, Vegetables & more with distinct grill marks.

Optional Flat & Ribbed Grill Plates

Optional Variable Speed Kit

The Variable Speed Kit optional accessory for our M28C Series Charcoal Rotisseries allows you maximum control over the cooking process by seamlessly stepping down the motor from 11 to 3 RPM.

With a precision engineered inverter designed specifically for the motor and gearbox, the Variable Speed Option prevents overloading and burning out the motor at slower speeds.

Optional Variable Speed Kit

Large Range of Accessories

Enjoy unmatched versatility with a large range of optional accessories such as our Portuguese Baskets, Heavy Duty Meat Spit Kits, Souvlaki Discs and more.

Our high quality stainless steel accessories open up new menu possibilities and allow you to get the most out of your Semak Charcoal Rotisserie.

Large Range of Accessories
What's Possible?

Succulent Smokey Rotisserie Chicken

Australians love nothing more than a traditional homestyle Rotisserie Chicken. Cook up to 28 Chickens per tier with that unique Smokey Charcoal Flavour.

Succulent Smokey Rotisserie Chicken

Delicious Flat Style Portuguese Chicken

Flame Grill Chicken in the traditional Portuguese Flat Style using our Heavy Duty Custom Baskets.

Delicious Flat Style Portuguese Chicken

Tender Crispy Souvlaki and Gyros Meats

Our Charcoal Machines meet the needs of busy Souvlaki Takeaways during peak service, delivering full Heavy Duty Spit Bars of Meat on demand.

Tender Crispy Souvlaki and Gyros Meats

Whole Lamb, Beef & Pork

Cater for large groups and events with a heavy duty spit bar roasting delicious whole game meats such as Whole Lamb, Pork or Beef.

Whole Lamb, Beef & Pork
Product Specifications
Product BrandSemak Australia
Bird Capacity28 Birds
Cook Time90 - 105+ Minutes
Barcode (GTIN)9332372004036
Power10 Amp / 220-240V AC
Fuel SourceCharcoal
MaterialStainless Steel
ManufacturerSemak Australia
Warranty5 Year Commercial
UsageCommercial, High Volume Commercial
What's Included
  • 1 M28C Charcoal Chicken Rotisserie
  • 8 Spits (Part: 28033)
  • 16 End Skewers (2 per spit)
  • 56 Middle Skewers (7 per spit)
  • Large Storage Cupboard underneath
  • 10 Amp Australian Power Lead with Plug
Product Dimensions
Product Width1500
Product Depth900
Product Height1395
Product Weight215
Shipping Width172
Shipping Depth100
Shipping Height168
Shipping Weight460.0000


Product Brochures

Operations/Warranty Booklet

Spare Parts


E.g. The Motor won't work. Ensure that you have checked:

  • Checked the Fuse
  • Checked the Appliance is plugged in
  • Check the power outlet by plugging another appliance into the same socket
  • Check the plug and cable on the rotisserie is not damaged.

If the Rotisserie is still not operating, please lodge a Service Request or Contact Semak.

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