Live Kitchen Series

Use of Live kitchens is one of the fastest growing restaurant concepts in today's world. The customer wants to view the food being cooked, providing an enticing atmosphere and ambience.

To cater to this need Golden Tandoors have an unlimited choice of Tandoor options to blend with your interiors & concepts to deliver an authentic experience to your customer.

  1. GT-910EU RDCU Live Cooking Gas Tandoor Oven
    Luxurious with Modern Simplicity
    Special Order

    The GT-910EU RDCU Live Cooking Gas Tandoor Oven is designed with an elegant copper and stainless steel finish, ideal for hotels, buffets, restaurants and resorts.

    • Double Body Monocoque Chassis Design with Double Ceramic Insulation for heat retention inside the Tandoor and a cooler outer body to touch
    • Gas Panel with ignition, temperature control, pilot and flame failure safety device
    • Heavy Duty Commercial Gas Burner with Allow Baffle Plate to deflect flame heat towards the walls of the Tandoor Oven

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